The Centre of Environmental Biology, a R&D unit based at the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University, changed the name to Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes - cE3c. This new designation accompanies an internal restructuring which resulted from the integration of two new research groups originating from other R&D units: the "Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Modeling (CCIAM) Group" and the "Azorean Biodiversity Group (ABG)". Ce3C’s main objective is to perform research that addresses societal challenges in ecology, evolution and the environment—the three Es in the new centre’s name. Please visit our new website in


Telma Laurentino nos Encontros Scientia dia 17 de Junho às 12h00

“Is the tree of life branching? Tales of the speciation continuum by the lizard Timon lepidus”. Resumo e mais info aqui

Filipe Alves nos Encontros Scientia dia 3 de Junho às 12h00

“Cost-benefit analysis in climate change adaptation: the use of participatory methodologies”. Resumo e mais info aqui

A “Voz” da Vida Selvagem vem à FCUL
Conferência cE3c de Eduardo Rêgo dia 5 de junho às 15h: A plataforma “Loving the planet”: é tempo de agir! Mais info aqui.

10 de Junho, dia de Portugal, de Camões, blá blá blá .... e do Bioblitz Monsanto!
O cE3c juntou-se às ações preparatórias da Noite dos Investigadores 2015 para celebrar um dia intensivo de registo da biodiversidade em Monsanto. Veja programa completo aqui.

Fronteers in E3: first cE3c annual meeting on 19th and 20th june.
cE3c invites everyone to join the first meeting, and especially try not to miss the communications of the invited speakers José Montoya - "Universalities and uncertainties on the impacts of climate change on ecological networks and ecosystem functioning" - and  Joaquín Hortal – “Describing ignorance: Mapping the gaps in biodiversity knowledge”. Find the programme here.

The results of the evaluation of the scientific research conducted by the Portuguese R&D Units in the last six years were announced last December and the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (CE3C) was assessed as Excellent (classification: 23/25) recognising the unit’s scientific merit by international standards. This evaluation was performed by an international panel of scientists in the frame of an agreement between the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), the public agency responsible for implementing the science and technology policy of the Portuguese government, and the European Science Foundation (ESF). The evaluation took into account the unit’s performance indicators since the last periodic evaluation (2007/2008) and the research strategies and planned work for the next six years (2015/2020), as well as a site visit conducted by a specialized evaluation panel in September 26. This included a presentation of the strategic programme by the unit’s Coordinator and interviews with the executive board and young researchers, including PhD students and grant holders. Details of the CE3C’s strategic programme for 2015/2020 can be found here.

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