Centre for Environmental Biology

Advanced Courses 2012

CBA is organizing a new set of advanced courses to be held during 2012. The goal of the courses is the same as the ones that were held during 2011. These Courses are of high interest in the formation of students enrolling in the first year of the Doctoral Programmes in Biology (University of Lisbon), Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution (University of Lisbon and University of Porto) and Biology and Ecology of Global Changes, for whom they are free. The Courses can also be attended by post-graduate students of other Doctoral Programmes or master students in Biology and related areas, and others with basic adequate formation  (e.g. 1st cycle in Biology or related areas).
Details of each Course, including calendar, programme and inscription details are found by clicking the respective course name in the table below.

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Responsible Department
Time of
contact (h)

Island Biogeography 9-13 Jan 2012 Ana Margarida Santos
(et al)
DBA 30 5 DBA
Measuring Biodiversity 16-20 Jan 2012 Joaquin Hortal DBA 30 5 DBA
Biodiversity and Plant Evolution 16-24 Jan 2012 Manuela Sim-Sim
Cecília Sérgio
Helena Cotrim
Practical course on Phylogenetics 23-27 Jan 2012
25-29 Jun 2012
Octávio Paulo DBA 30 5 DBA
Natural History Collections and Biodiversity 24-27 Jan 2012 Maria Judite Alves
(et al)
Landscape Ecology 23 Jan-2 Feb 2012 John Bissonette * DBA 36 6 DBA
Drivers of landscape changes 9 Feb-15 March 2012 John Bissonette * DBA 18 3 DBA

Practical Image Analysis in Biology

13-17 Feb 2012 Gabriel Martins DBA 30 5 DBA
Practical course on Phylogeography 20-24 Feb 2012 Octávio Paulo DBA 30 5 DBA
EvoS-2 (CANCELED) 30 April-17 May 2012 Filipa Vala
Margarida Matos
DBA 30 5 DBA
Zooarcheogenetics (CANCELED) 18-22 Jun 2012 Ana Elisabete Pires
Catarina Ginja
DBA 30 5 DBA

DBA - Department of Animal Biology, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon
DBV – Department of Plant Biology, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon
MNHN – National Museum of Natural History, University of Lisbon

(* applications should be sent to Margarida Matos, email mmatos@fc.ul.pt)

The number of ECTS of each course will count for the PhD programmes involving the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.