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Ana Maria Pires

Main Research Interests

My main research interests are in freshwater Ecology: preference, availability habitats and life strategies of fish and macroinvertebrate communities in Mediterranean intermittent streams.Conservation of endangered species and implications for water resource management.


Academic Qualifications

- 1993 - Degree in Biology – Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon

- 1999 - PhD in Ecology – University of Lisbon


Recent Publications

Pires A.M., Magalhães M.F., Moreira da Costa L., Alves M.J. & Coelho M.M. 2008. Effects of an extreme flash flood on the native fish assemblages across a Mediterranean catchment. Fisheries Management and Ecology 15:49-58.

Pires A.M., Moreira da Costa L., Alves M.J. & Coelho M.M. 2004. Fish assemblage satructure across the Arade Basin (southern Portugal). Cybium 28:357-365.

Ongoing Projects

  • Water, aquatic ecosystems and human activity. An integrated and participatory framework to define innovative prospective strategies for water resourses management in south Portugal- PROWATERMAN (PTDC/AAC-AMB/105061/2008)