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Animal Diversity & Conservation

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André Pinto da Silva

Main Research Interests

My research interests are focused on the conservation of threatened species and populations of mammals, with special emphasis on carnivores.  Delineation of conservation strategies at broad and local scale under climate change will be the main line of my research during forthcoming years. Conservation ecology and genetics are the current fields of research.


Academic Qualifications

- 2011 - MSc in Conservation Biology, University of Lisbon
- 2009 - BSc in Environmental Biology, University of Lisbon

Recent Publications

Silva A.P., Kilshaw K., Johnson P.J., Macdonald D.W. & Rosalino L.M. 2013. Wildcat occurrence in Scotland: food really matters. Diversity and Distributions 19(2):232-243.

Silva A.P., Rosalino L.M., Johnson P.J., Macdonald D.W., Anderson N. & Kilshaw K. 2013. Local-level determinants of wildcat occupancy in Northeast Scotland. European Journal of Wildlife Research 59(3):449-453.

Ongoing Projects

  • 2013 - PhD research: “An integrative approach for evaluating and designing networks of protected areas under climate change: a test using small felids in India” (Supervisors: Mats Björklund, Carlos Fernandes and Shomita Mukherjee )

  • 2012 - Guinea-Bissau endangered chimpanzee conservation genetics: biological anthropology contribution to biodiversity conservation (PTDC/CS-ANT/099184/2008)


Other Information

- 2009 - Best oral communication award: Monitoring of Iberian Wolf expansion in Sabugal-Malcata Region.  The 2009 forum for the University of Lisbon and Amadeu Dias Foundation (UL/FAD) grants