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Development and
Evolutionary Morphogenesis

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Andreia Nunes

Main Research Interests

My main scientific interests are within Developmental Biology, focusing on the role of the extracellular matrix in myogenesis and studying how defects in myofibre-extracellular matrix binding develops into muscular dystrophies.


Academic Qualifications

- 2011- Masters in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology - University of Lisbon, Portugal

- 2009- Licenciatura in Biology (3 year degree) - University of Lisbon, Portugal


Recent Publications

Guerreiro I., Casaca A., Nunes A., Monteiro S., Nóvoa A., Ferreira R.B., Bom J. & Mallo M. 2012. Regulatory role for a conserved motif adjacent to the homeodomain of Hox10 proteins. Development 139(15):2703-2710.


Ongoing Projects

  • 2012/14 The laminin matrices of early skeletal muscle development: a changing tissue microenvironment regulating myogenic differentiation and morphogenesis (PTDC/SAU-BID/120130/2010). Participant.
  • 2012/14 MatriCard - Dissection and Reconstruction of the Extracellular Matrix: A Cardiac Regenerative Niche (PTDC/SAU-ORG/118297/2010). Participant.


Other Information

- Member of the Portuguese Society for Developmental Biology