Contacts Centre for Environmental Biology

Carla Ribeiro

Main Research Interests

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Evolutionary


Academic Qualifications

- 2007: MsC in Plant Biotechnology , in Faculty of Science and Technology of University de Coimbra, Portugal

- 2001: Graduate in Forestry Engineering, in School of Agriculture of Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal

Recent Publications

Ribeiro C., Almeida M.H., Rodrigues A., Glushkova M., Simões F., Matos J., Pereira J.S., Paulo O.S., Batista D. 2012.Unraveling population genetic variation of a candidate gene for bud burst in cork oak. BMC Proceedings

Pereira-Lorenzo S., Costa R., Ramos Cabrer A., Ciordia-Ara M., Ribeiro C., Borges O. & Barreneche T. 2011. Chestnut cultivar diversification process in the Iberian Peninsula, Canary Islands and Azores. Genome 54:301–315.

Ribeiro M.M., Sanchez .L, Ribeiro C., Cunha F., Araújo J., Borralho N.M.G. & Marques C. 2011. A case study of Eucalyptus globulus fingerprinting for breeding. Annals of Forest Science 68:701-714.

Marques C., Carocha V., Ribeiro C., Cunha F., Sousa A.M., Araújo J.A., Silva J.C., Rodrigues J.C., Freitas A., Pires A.M. & Rezende G.D. 2011. Eucalypt pulp yield QTL from RAIZ as compared to the literature. BMC Proceedings 5(Suppl 7):P48.

Pereira-Lorenzo S., Costa R., Ramos Cabrer A., Ribeiro C., Serra da Silva M., Manzano G. & Barreneche T. 2010. Variation in grafted European chestnut and hybrids by microsatellites reveals two main origins in the Iberian Peninsula. Tree Genetics & Genomes 6(5):701-715.

González-Martínez S., Mariette S., Ribeiro M.M., Burban C., Raffin A., Chambel M.R., Aguiar A., Ribeiro C., Plomion C., Alia R., Vendramin G.G. & Kremer A. 2004. Genetic resources in maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton): Patterns of differentiation and correlation between molecular and quantitative measures of genetic variation. Forest Ecology and Management 197(1-3):103-115.

Ongoing Projects

-2008: Assessment of genetic and genomic resources of Cork Oak: the basis towards a prospective management (PTDC/AGR-GPL/104966/2008, FCT).