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Environmental Stress
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Cláudia de Mendonça Costa Synek Listopad

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Listopad C.M.C.S., Drake J.B., Masters R.E. & Weishampel J.F. 2011. Portable Small Footprint LiDAR: Validation and Applications for Forest Canopy Structure Estimation. Remote Sensing 3-7:1284-1307.

Bush M.B., Silman M.R., Toledo M.B., Listopad C., Gosling W.D., Williams C., de Oliveira P.E. & Krisel C. 2007. Holocene fire and occupation in Amazonia: records from two lake districts. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 362:209-218.

Bush M.B., Silman M.R. & Listopad C.M.C.S. 2007. A Regional Study of Holocene Climate Change and Human Occupation in Peruvian Amazonia. Journal of Biogeography 34-8:1342-1356.

Iriarte J., Holst I., Marozzi O., Listopad C., Alonso E., Rinderknecht A. & Montana J. 2004. Evidence for cultivar adoption and emerging complexity during the mid-Holocene in the La Plata basin. Nature 432:614-617.


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