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Maria Filomena Magalhães

Main Research Interests

Population and assemblage dynamics of stream fish; conservation of Mediterranean riverscapes.


Academic Qualifications

- PhD in Ecology (University of Lisbon)

- 5-year college graduation in Biology (University of Lisbon)

Recent Publications

Martelo J., Grossman G.D., Porto M. & Magalhaes M.F. 2014. Habitat patchiness affects distribution and microhabitat use of endangered Mira chub Squalius torgalensis (Actinopterygii, Cypriniformes). Hydrobiologia 732(1):93-109.

Martelo J., Grossman G.D. & Magalhães M.F. 2014. Extrinsic and intrisic factors influence daily activity of a Mediterranean cyprinid (vol 22, pg 307, 2013) - Corrigendum. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 23(3):481-481.

Martelo J.S., Grossman G.D. & Magalhães M.F. 2013. Extrinsic and intrinsic factors influence daily activity of a Mediterranean cyprinid. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22(2):307-316.

Ribeiro F.V., Magalhães M.F. & Collares-Pereira M.J. 2013. Spatial and temporal variation in assemblage structure of fish larvae in mediterranean–type streams: contrasts between native and non-native species. Environmental Biology of Fishes 96(4):467-480.

Filipe A.F., Magalhães M.F. & Collares-Pereira M.J. 2010. Native and introduced fish species richness in Mediterranean streams: the role of multiple landscape influences. Diversity and Distributions 16(5):773-785.

Pires D.F., Pires A.M. Collares-Pereira M.J. & Magalhães M.F. 2010. Variation in fish assemblages across dry-season pools in a Mediterranean stream: effects of pool morphology, physicochemical factors and spatial context. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 19(1):74-86.

Pires D.F., Ribeiro F.V. & Magalhães M.F. 2010. Evaluation of PIT-tagging in an endangered Iberian cyprinid. Journal of Applied Ichthyology 26(4):612-613.

Ribeiro F., Gante H.F., Sousa G., Filipe A.F., Alves M.J. & Magalhães M.F. 2009. New records, distribution and dispersal pathways of Sander lucioperca in Iberian freshwaters. Cybium 33(3):255-256.

Magalhães M.F., Ramalho C.E. & Collares-Pereira M.J. 2008. Assessing biotic integrity in Mediterranean streams: Development and evaluation of a multimetric fish index. Fisheries Management and Ecology 15:273-289.

Pires A.M., Magalhães M.F., Moreira da Costa L., Alves M.J. & Coelho M.M. 2008. Effects of an extreme flash flood on the native fish assemblages across a Mediterranean catchment. Fisheries Management and Ecology 15:49-58.

Magalhães M.F., Beja P., Schlosser I.J. & Collares-Pereira M.J. 2007. Effects of multi-year droughts on the fish assemblages of seasonally drying Mediterranean streams. Freshwater Biology 52:1494-1510.

Ribeiro F., Orjuela R.L., Magalhães M.F. & Collares-Pereira M.J. 2007. Variability in feeding ecology of a South American cichlid: a reason for successful invasion in mediterranean-type rivers? Ecology of Freshwater Fish 16:559–569.

Mesquita N., Coelho M.M. & Magalhães M.F. 2006. Spatial variation in fish assemblages across small Mediterranean drainages: effects of habitat and landscape context. Environmental Biology of Fishes 77:105-120.

Ongoing Projects

  • Climate change & fish communities of Mediterranean- type streams. Potencial impact on the bio-integrity and implications on the ecological status assessment (PTDC/AAC-AMB/102541/2008).
  • Long-term socio-ecological research and monitoring in a Mediterranean cultural landscape (LTER/BIA-BEC/0048/2009).
  • Sabor fragmentation experiment: understanding long-term ecological consequences of infrastructure development and compensatory mitigation (LTER/BIA-BEC/0004/2009).


Other Information

Coordinator of the Ecology Sub-Unit FFishGUL, FCUL.

Coordinator of the Ecology and Environmental Management M.A. program, FCUL.

Coordinator of the Erasmus program in the Department of Animal Biology, FCUL.

Reviewer for the journals Ecology of Freshwater Fish; Transactions of the American Fisheries Society; Fisheries Management and Ecology; Hydrobiologia;  Journal of Fish Biology; North American Journal of the Benthological Society; Ecography; Landscape Ecology.