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Idoia Ariz

Main Research Interests

1) Ammonium use efficiency in eukaryotic organisms (yeast and plants): toxicity response and tolerance mechanisms; Isotopic fractionation process in yeast and plants; Natural isotopic signature (δ15N and δ13C); stable isotopes labeling studies (15N, 2H and 18O) in tissues;
2) Nitrogen (N) nutrition in plants: nitric, ammoniacal and ureic nutrition; C/N Metabolism responses in plants to N nutrition. Use of urease inhibitors in crops. Urea cycle significace in N metabolism of plants grown with different N sources (urea, ammonium, nitrate).


Academic Qualifications

- 2009: PhD in Plant Sciences (IdAb; Joint Centre: UPNa-CSIC-GN - Spain)

- 2007: DEA by Science (Public University of Navarre - Spain)

- 2004: college graduation in Agronomical Engineering (Public University of Navarre - Spain)

Recent Publications

Ariz I., Asensio A.C., Zamarreño A.M., Garcia-Mina J.M., Aparicio-Tejo P.M. & Moran J.F. 2013. Changes in the C/N balance caused by increasing external ammonium concentrations are driven by carbon and energy availabilities during ammonium nutrition in pea plants: The key roles of asparagine synthetase and anaplerotic enzymes. Physiologia Plantarum 148:522-537.

Cruchaga S., Lasa B., Jauregui I., Aparicio-Tejo P.M. & Ariz I. 2013. Endogenous urease activity decrease by NBPT application reveals differential N metabolism responses to ammonium or nitrate nutrition in pea plants: A physiological study. Plant and Soil 373:813–827.

Lasa B., Menendez S., Sagastizabal K., Calleja-Cervantes M.E., Irigoyen I., Muro J., Aparicio-Tejo P.M. & Ariz I. 2012. Foliar Application of Urea to "Sauvignon Blanc" and "Merlot" vines: Doses and Time of Application. Plant Growth Regulation 63(1):73–81.

Ariz I., Cruchaga S., Lasa B., Jauregui I., Moran J.F. & Aparicio-Tejo P.M. 2012. The physiological implications of urease inhibitors on N metabolism during germination of Pisum sativum and Spinacea oleracea seeds. Journal of Plant Physiology 169(7):673-681.

Asensio A.C., Marino D., James E.K., Ariz I., Aparicio-Tejo P.M., Arrese-Igor C., Arredondo-Peter R. & Moran J.F. 2011. Expression and localization of a Rhizobium-derived cambialistic superoxide dismutase in pea (Pisum sativum) nodules subjected to oxidative stress. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 24(10):1247-1257.

Ariz I., Cruz C., Moran J.F., Gonzalez-Moro M.B., Garcia-Olaverri C., Gonzalez-Murua C., Martins-Loução M.A. & Aparicio-Tejo P.M. 2011. Depletion of the heaviest stable N isotope is associated with NH4+/NH3 toxicity in NH4+-fed plants.  BMC Plant Biology 11:83-96.

Ariz I., Artola E., Asensio A.C., Cruchaga S., Aparicio-Tejo P.M. & Moran J.F. 2011. High irradiance increases NH4+ tolerance in Pisum sativum: Higher carbon and energy availability improve ion balance but not N assimilation. Journal of Plant Physiology 168(10):1009-1015.

Cruchaga S., Artola E., Lasa B., Ariz I., Irigoyen I., Moran J.F. & Aparicio-Tejo P.M. 2011. Short term physiological implications of NBPT application on the N metabolism of Pisum sativum and Spinacea oleracea. Journal of Plant Physiology 168(4):329-336.

Artola E., Cruchaga S., Ariz I., Moran J.F., Garnica M., Houdusse F., García-Mina J.M., Irigoyen J.I. & Aparicio-Tejo P.M. 2010. Effect of N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide on urea metabolism and the assimilation of ammonium into Triticum aestivum L. Plant Growth Regulation 63(1):73-79.

Ariz I., Esteban R., García-Plazaola J.I., Becerril J.M., Aparicio-Tejo P.M. & Moran J.F. 2010. High irradiance induces photoprotective mechanisms and a positive effect on NH4+ stress in Pisum sativum. Journal of Plant Physiology 167(13):1038-1045.

Urarte E., Auzmendi I., Rol S., Ariz I., Aparicio-Tejo P.M., Arredondo-Peter R. & Moran J.F. 2008. A Self-induction Method to Produce High Quantities of Recombinant Functional Flavo-Leghemoglobin Reductase. In “Globins and other NO binding proteins, part A”. Methods in Enzymology 436(23):411-423.

Larrainzar E., Urarte E., Auzmendi I., Ariz I., Arrese-Igor C., González E.M. & Moran J.F. 2008. Use of Recombinant Iron-Superoxide Dismutase as a marker of nitrative stress. In “Globins and other NO binding proteins, part B". Methods in Enzymology 437(31):605-618.

Ongoing Projects

  • 2012-2013: Study of N metabolism response to ammonium nutrition through natural N isotopic composition in crops (Gobierno de Navarra )

  • 2010-2012: The tolerance to NH4+as a key factor for crops management in view of greenhouse effect (AGL2009-13339-C02-02)


Other Information

- Review of original scientific articles for Fundamental and Applied Limnology journal, Aquatic Biology journal
- Co-editor of articles of a research topic for Frontiers in Plant Science

- Patents: Juez J.F.M., Urarte E., Larrainzar E., Arnedo I.A., Aparicio Tejo P.M., González E.M., Arrese-Igor C., Auzmendi I., Peter R.A. & Kuttalingan S. 2008. In vitro method for the quantification of oxidative/nitrosative stress and/or for the selection of compounds with antioxidant activity (WO2009/013384), Application number: PCT 2008-070144;
Juez J.F.M., Urarte E., Aparicio Tejo P.M., Arnedo I.A., Arredondo-Peter R. & Kuttalingan S. 2008. Método in vitro de selección de compuestos con actividad antioxidante y usos de los compuestos seleccionados, Application number: P200800050;
Juez J.F.M., Larrainzar E., Urarte E., Auzmendi I., González E.M., Arrese-Igor C. & Arnedo I.A. 2007. Método de cuantificación del daño o estrés oxidativo/nitrativo/nitrosativo, Application number: P200702035.

- Member of the Spanish Society of Biotechnology (SEBIOT), National Society of Plant Physiology (SEFV)

- Best award at the best final Agronomist studies (Universidad Pública de Navarra)