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Theoretical Ecology and Biodiversity Change

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Laetitia Navarro

Main Research Interests

I have worked both in theoretical ecology and in ethno-biology, modeling dispersal in a fragmented landscape and studying the uses and representations of symbolic species in Madagascar. Currently, I study the consequences of land-use change on biodiversity, particularly in the context of farmland abandonment. While considering longstanding interactions between humans and nature, scientists face a paradox when looking into farmland abandonment and forest regeneration. The loss of age-old human-modified habitats is a threat to the established biodiversity, yet this loss also provides other species with a new availability of land. I will study the patterns of these phenomena and their consequences on biodiversity and ecosystem services.


Academic Qualifications

2007 – M.Sc. in Environment, Milieus, Techniques and Societies, specialty in Ethno-Ecology and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France).

2006 – M.Sc. in Ecology, Biodiversity and Evolution, specialty in Conservation Biology (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, France).

2004 – College graduation in Life and Earth Sciences, specialty in Population Biology (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, France).


Recent Publications

Beilin R., Lindborg R., Stenseke M., Pereira H.M., Llausàs A., Slätmo E., Cerqueira Y., Navarro L., Rodrigues P., Reichelt N., Munro N. & Queiroz C. 2014. Analysing how drivers of agricultural land abandonment affect biodiversity and cultural landscapes using case studies from Scandinavia, Iberia and Oceania. Land Use Policy 36:60–72.

Navarro L. & Pereira H.M. 2012. Rewilding abandoned landscapes in Europe. Ecosystems 15:900-912.

Pereira H.M., Navarro L. & Martins I.S. 2012. Global biodiversity change: the bad, the good, and the unknown. Annual Review of Environment and Resources 37:25-50.

Borda-de-Água L., Navarro L., Gavinhos C. & Pereira H.M. 2011. Spatio-temporal impacts of roads on the persistence of populations: analytic and numerical approaches. Landscape Ecology 26(2):253-265.

Harpet C., Navarro L. & Ramanakirihina R. 2008. Role and implications of local beliefs and traditional knowledge in conservation programs: The example of a site housing sacred lemurs in the “Station Forestière à Usages Multiples d’Antrema” (Sakalava) Rev. Ecol. (Terre et Vie) 63:289-292.

Ongoing Projects

  • 2009/12: Rethinking agricultural land abandonment to create socially responsive and biodiverse landscapes (Formas – Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning)

  • 2009/13: MoBIA – Biodiversity Monitoring in Environmental Assessments (TDC/AAC-AMB/114522/2009 - FCT).