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PostDoctoral Researcher, Marie Curie Fellow

CBA research group(s):

Environmental Stress and Functional Ecology

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Main Research Interests

  1. Community and Ecosystem Ecology: to understand how communities respond to changes in abiotic and biotic conditions such as climate gradients, disturbance-recovery processes and microsite environment, from local to regional scales.
  2. Functional Diversity: to measure functional diversity, to evaluate its effects on ecosystem processes and to quantify its contribution on ecosystem services.
  3. Biological Soil Crusts (terricolous lichens, bryophytes and cyanobacteria): to study the contribution of this complex component to biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in global drylands.

Academic Qualifications

2012 - Ph.D. in Natural Resource Conservation, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
2010 - M.S. in Environmental Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Mexico
2006 - B.S. in Environmental Sciences, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain

Recent Publications

Concostrina-Zubiri L., Huber-Sannwald E., Martinez I., Flores Flores J.L., Reyes-Agüero, J.A., Escudero A., Belnap. Biological soil crusts across disturbance-recovery scenarios: effect of grazing regime on community dynamics. Ecological applications. DOI: 10.1890/13-1416.1.

Concostrina-Zubiri L., Huber-Sannwald E., Martinez I., Flores Flores J.L., Escudero A. 2013. Biological soil crusts greatly contribute to small-scale soil heterogeneity along a grazing gradient. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 64:28–36.

Concostrina-Zubiri L., Martinez I., Rabasa S.G., Escudero A. 2013. The influence of environmental factors on Biological soil crust: from a community perspective to a species level approach. Journal of Vegetation Science. DOI: 10.1111/jvs.12084.

Concostrina-Zubiri L., Martinez I., Huber-Sannwald E., Escudero A. 2013. Biological Soil Crusts effects and responses in arid ecosystems: recent advances at the species level. Ecosistemas 22, 3.

Ongoing Projects

2014, “Functional diversity of Biocrusts: towards ecosystem services quantification in drylands”, Project number 628406, Marie-Curie Action - Intra-European fellowships for career development.


Other Information

Referee: Journal of Vegetation Science, CATENA, Geoderma.