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Luís Miguel Rosalino

Main Research Interests

My main research interests are mammalian ecology, behavior and conservation, with special interest in carnivores. I am also interested in the ecological strategies involved in carnivore adaptation to changing environments, in oak woodlands vertebrate community structure and in the impact of zoonotic parasites on wild mammal populations.


Academic Qualifications

- PhD in Biology - Ecology and Systematics ( University of Lisbon)
- Degree in Biology Applied to Animal Resources (University of Lisbon)

Recent Publications

Rosalino L.M., Martin P.S., Gheler-Costa C., Lopes P.C. & Verdade L.M. 2014. Neotropical small mammals' diversity in the early cycle of commercial Eucalyptus plantations. Agroforestry Systems 88(3):427-436.

Rosalino L.M., Verdade L.M. & Lyra-Jorge C. 2014. Adaptation and evolution in changing environments. Pp 53-72 in Applied ecology and human dimension in biological conservation (L.M. Verdade, M. C. Lyra-Jorge & C. I. Piña, eds). Springer-Verlag , Berlin.

Verdade L.M., Penteado M., Gheler-Costa C., Dotta G., Rosalino L.M., Pivello V.R., Piña C.I. & Lyra-Jorge M.C. 2014. The conservation value of agriculture landscapes. Pp 91-104 in Applied ecology and human dimension in biological conservation (L.M. Verdade, M. C. Lyra-Jorge & C. I. Piña, eds). Springer-Verlag , Berlin.

Lyra-Jorge M.C., Gheler-Costa C., Piña C.I., Rosalino L.M. & Verdade L.M. 2014. Wildlife surveys in agriculture landscapes: Terrestrial medium- to large-sized mammals. Pp 133-149 in Applied ecology and human dimension in biological conservation (L.M. Verdade, M. C. Lyra-Jorge & C. I. Piña, eds). Springer-Verlag , Berlin.

Duarte M.D., Henriques A.M., Barros S.C., Fagulha T., Mendonça P., Carvalho P., Monteiro M., Fevereiro M., Basto M.P., Rosalino L.M., Barros T., Bandeira V., Fonseca C. & Cunha M.V. 2013. Snapshot of viral infections in wild carnivores reveals ubiquity of Parvovirus and susceptibility of Egyptian mongoose to Feline Panleukopenia Virus. Plos One 8:e59399.

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Rosalino L.M. & Rosalino C. 2012. Nature conservation from a Junior High School perspective. Journal for Nature Conservation 20(3):153–161.

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Rosalino L.M., Rodrigues M., Santos-Silva M. & Santos-Reis M. 2007. Unusual findings on host-tick interactions through carnivore scat analysis. Experimental and Applied Acarology 43:293–302.


Ongoing Projects

  • Plant biomass as a biodiversity indicator; Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (CENA), Universidade de São Paulo (USP), São Paulo, Brasil (Funding: AES Tietê) (Team member)  
  • Diet of sympatric canids and their role as seed dispersers in a silvicultural landscape in the State of São Paulo; Universidade Sagrado Coração, São Paulo, Brasil (Funding: FAPESP Proc. Nº 2012/23897-3) (Team member).
  • AWARE- “Sanitary EvAluation of Wild cArnivoREs as a conservation tool for endangered species”; joint funding from INIAV, CESAM and CBA (Team member).

    Other Information

    Review for the journals: Ecological Research;  Ecography; Ethology Ecology and Evolution; European Journal of Wildlife Research, Global Ecology and Biogeography;Journal of Biogeography; Journal of Ethology; Journal of Mammalogy; Mammalia; Mammalian Biology; Oikos; Revista Brasileira de Zoologia; The Open Biology Journal; Vie et Milieu; Wildlife Biology; Zoologia.

    Editorial Board: Journal for Nature Conservation, Dataset Papers in Science.

    Member of the IUCN SSC Small Carnivore Specialist Group