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Margarida Barata

Main Research Interests

My main research interests are Mycology, classical taxonomy of filamentous fungi,
biodiversity and ecology of marine and soil fungi.


Academic Qualifications

- 1997 PhD in Biology – Microbiology, Mycology (University of Lisbon)

- 1996 5-year college graduation in Biology (University of Lisbon)

Recent Publications

Azevedo E., Caeiro M.F. & Barata M. 2013. Portuguese marine fungi and the contribution of differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy for their morphological identification. Microscopy and Microanalysis 19(S4):17-18.

Azevedo E., Rebelo R., Caeiro M.F. & Barata M. 2012. Use of drift substrates to characterize marine fungal communities from the west coast of Portugal. Mycologia 104(3):623-632.

Calado M.L. & Barata M. 2012. Salt marsh fungi. In: Marine fungi and fungal-like organisms (eds. E. B. G. Jones and K. L. Pang). De Gruyter (Ed.), Berlin.

Azevedo E., Caeiro M.F., Rebelo R. & Barata M. 2011. Biodiversity and characterization of marine mycota from Portuguese waters. Animal Biodiversity and Conservation 34:205-215.

Azevedo E., Rebelo R., Caeiro M.F. & Barata M. 2010. Diversity and Richness of marine Fungi on two Portuguese marinas. Nova Hedwigia 90(3-4):51-531.

Azevedo E., Figueira D., Caeiro M. F. & Barata M. 2009. Biodiversity of Filamentous Fungi on Soils and Sands.  In: Progress in Mycology. Rai, Mahendra; University of Debrecen (Eds.) Jointly published with Scientific Publishers (India). Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (Dec 1 2009). ISBN-10: 9048137128. ISBN: 978-90-481-3712-1

Vita-Marques A.M., Lira S.P., Berlinck R.G.S., Seleghim M.H.R., Sponchiado S.R.P., Tauk-Tornisielo S.M., Barata M., Pessoa C., Moraes M.O., Cavalcanti B.C., Nascimento G.G.F., Souza A.O., Galetti F.C.S., Silva C.L., Silva M., Pimenta E.F., Thiemann O., Passarini M.R.Z. & Sette L.D. 2008. A multi-screening approach for marine-derived fungal metabolites and the isolation of cyclodepsipeptides from Beauveria feline. Quimica Nova 31(5):1099-1103.

Figueira D. & Barata M. 2007. Marine fungi from two sandy beaches in Portugal. Mycologia 99(1):20-23.

Barata M. 2006. Marine fungi from Mira river salt marsh in Portugal. Revista Iberoamericana de Micología 23:179-184.

Moreira P. L. & Barata M. 2005. Egg Mortality and early embryo hatching caused by fungal infection of Iberian rock lizard (Lacerta monticola) clutches. Herpetological Journal 15(4) : 265-272.

Ongoing Projects

  • In-nitro: conceptualizing the effects of increased nitrogen availability in a Mediterranean ecosystem. (PTDC/BIA-ECS/122214/2010).

  • Rhizospheric microbial consortia to increase nutrient use efficiency. A tool to be used in intensive farm systems". (PTDC/AGRO-PRO/115888/2009).

  • Spheres of Ecosystem Respons to Nitrogen (SERN): A case study in a Mediterranean-type ecosystem in southern Portugal (PTDC/BIA-BEC/ 99323/2008).

  • Mechanisms of resistance to pathogens and the importance of nitrogen uptake by mycorrhizal symbiosis (FCT CAPES 3321/2008 - 2010).

  • Déterminants de la tolerance du plamieer dattier au stress hydrique et de la lutte contre la Fusarieose vasculaire (CNRST Maroc/GRICES/2008 - 2009).

  • Use of beneficial microorganisms in agriculture (ADP-Portugal/2008 – 2010).

  • Recovery of the culture of pineapple in the Azores (Proconvergencia/2009 - 2012).

Other Information

Member of Scientific Committee - XVII Simpósio de Botânica Criptogâmica (Micologia), 23-26 September 2009.

Reviewer for Botanica Marina.