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Maria José Caramujo

Main Research Interests

1. Importance of phospholipids, fatty acids and carotenoids for the nutrition of crustaceans; relationships between food quality and consumer growth and reproductive success; 2. Aquatic food webs; 3. Research on the fatty acid profiles of marine micro-oganisms and invertebrates, and research on fatty acid bioconversion using stable isotopes; 4. Distribution of freshwater crustaceans in Portugal.


Academic Qualifications

1999 - PhD in Biology (Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon)

Recent Publications

Caramujo M.J., de Carvalho C.C.C.R., Silva S.J. & Carman K.R. 2012. Dietary carotenoids regulate astaxanthin content of Copepods and modulate their susceptibility to UV light and copper toxicity. Marine Drugs 10(5):998-1018.

de Carvalho C.C.C.R. & Caramujo M.J. 2012. Tumor metastasis as an adaptation of tumor cells to fulfill their phosphorus requirements. Medical Hypotheses 78(5):664-667. 

de Carvalho C.C.C.R. & Caramujo M.J. 2012. Lipids of Prokaryotic Origin at the Base of Marine Food Webs. Marine Drugs 10(12):2698-2714.

De Troch M., Boeckx P., Cnudde C., Van Gansbeke D., Vanreusel A., Vincx M. & Caramujo M.J. 2012. Bioconversion of fatty acids at the basis of marine food webs: in-sights from a compound-specific stable isotope analysis. Marine Ecology Progress Series 465:53-67.

Caramujo M.J. & Boavida M.J. 2010. Biological diversity of copepods and cladocerans in Mediterranean temporary ponds under periods of contrasting rainfall. Journal of Limnology 69:1-12.

Caramujo M.J. & Boavida M.J. .2009. The practical identification of harpacticoids (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) in inland waters of central Portugal (for applied studies). Crustaceana 82:385-409.

de Carvalho C.C.C.R. & Caramujo M.J. 2008. Ancient procedures for the High-Tech World: Health benefits and antimicrobial compounds from the Mediterranean Empires. The Open Biotechnology Journal 2:235-246.

Caramujo M.J., Boschker E. & Admiraal W. 2008. Fatty acid profiles of algal diet mark the development and fatty acid composition of harpacticoid copepods. Freshwater Biology 53:77-90.

Caramujo M.J., Mendes C.R., Cartaxana P., Brotas V. & Boavida M.-J. 2008. Influence of drought on algal biofilms and meiofaunal assemblages of temperate reservoirs and rivers. Hydrobiologia 598:77-94.

Caramujo M.J., Van der Grinten E. & Admiraal W. 2005. Trophic interactions between benthic copepods and biofilms: a laboratory study. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 24:890-903.

Caramujo M.J.& Boavida M.-J.. 2000. Induction and metabolic costs of tail spine elongation in Daphnia hyalina/galeata. Reduction of susceptibility to copepod predation. Freshwater Biology 45:413-424.


Ongoing projects

  • Co-coordinator (Part I) of the project “CHARCOScomBIO – Research, Conservation and Divulging of the Biodiversity of Temporary Ponds” winner of the “EDP fund for Biodiversity 2009” Award.
  • Participation in the project “Water, aquatic ecosystems and human activity. An integrated and participatory framwork to define innovative prospective strategies for water resources management in south Portugal – PROWATERMAN”. PTDC/AAC-AMB/105061/2008.


Other Information

Research grant awarded by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian for development of the study on the importance of phospholipids for copepod nutrition and relationships between food quality and consumer growth and reproductive success at the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ, German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam, Germany.

Cover of a scientific periodical with referees: Caramujo M-J & de Carvalho CCCR (2008) Freshwater Biology 53 (1).

Participation in the project “Biodiversity in Style” organized by the Centre of Environmental Biology and Lisbon Municipality, and financed by the Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian under the Environment Program. Responsible by organization and teaching of the module on Urban Biodiversity (Definitions and Assessment). March 2009.

Participation and scientific supervision of contents in exhibition in the Centre “Ciência Viva” in Lousal (Grândula, Southern Portugal) with two instalations entitled “Aquatic Life Under the Sun” and “Aquatic life in the darkness”.

Member of the International Society of Limnology (SIL).