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Manuela Carolino


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Biotic-Abiotic Interactions

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Maria Manuela Carolino

Main Research Interests

My main research interests are soil microbial ecology namely microbial community involved in nitrogen and phosphorus biogeochemical cycles, focusing the dynamic biotransformation at several levels of organization from microbial networks to gas exchanges between soil and atmosphere.


Academic Qualifications

- 1992 - PhD in Biology - Microbial Biotechnology (University of Lisbon)
- 1980 - Master in Biological Engineering Universidade (New University of Lisbon (UNL) and Gulbenkian Institute of Sciences (IGC))
- 1977 - Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Science Faculty of the University of Lisbon (FCUL))


Recent Publications

Fonseca M.B., Carolino M., Dias T., Cruz C. & França M. 2014. Early growth of Brazilian tree Dimorphandra wilsonii is also threatened by African grass Urochloa decumbens. Journal of Plant Interactions 9(1):92-99.

Gouveia W., Jorge T., Martins S., Meireles M., Carolino M., Cruz C., Almeida T.V. & Araújo M.E.M. 2014. Toxicity of ionic liquids prepared from biomaterials. Chemosphere 104:51-56.

Nunes I., Mesquita N., Cabo Verde S., Carolino M., Portugal A. & Botelho M.L. 2013. Characterization of an airborne microbial community: A case study in the archive of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 79(1):36–41.

Nunes I., Mesquita N., Cabo Verde S., Carolino M., Portugal A. & Botelho M.L. 2013. Bioburden Assessment and Gamma Radiation Inactivation Patterns in Parchment documents. Radiation Physics and Chemistry 88:82-89.

Nunes I., Mesquita N., Cabo Verde S., Trigo M.J., Carolino M., Portugal A. & Botelho M.L. 2012. Gamma radiation effects on physical properties of parchment documents: Assessment of Dmax. Radiation Physics and Chemistry 81:1943–1946.

Milhano N., Carvalho I.L., Alves. A.S., Arroube S., Soares J., Rodriguez P., Carolino M., Núncio M.S., Piesman J., Sousa R. 2010. Co-infections of Rickettsia slovaca and R. helvetica with B. lusitaniae in ticks collected in a Safari Park, Portugal. Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases 1:72-177.

Carolino M. 2010. Fermentação Industrial. In “Microbiologia Geral” Wanda Canas Ferreira, João Carlos de Sousa e Nelson Lima (eds). Lidel- Edições Técnicas Lda. Cap.25.

Costa A.L., Carolino M., Caçador I. 2007. Microbial activity profiles in Tagus estuary salt marsh sediments. Hydrobiologia 587:169-175.

Costa A.L., Paixão S.M., Caçador I., Carolino M. 2007. CLPP and EEA profiles of microbial communities in salt marsh sediments. Journal of Soil and Sediments 7:418-425.

Magro A., Bastos M., Carolino M., Mexia A. 2007. Antifungal activity of plant extracts. Integrated Protection of Stored Products IOBC/wprs Bulletin vol 30 (2) Pp291-295.

Magro A., Carolino M., Bastos M. & Mexia A. 2006. Efficacy of plant extracts against stored products fungi - Revista Iberoamericana de Micologia 23(3):176-178.

Correia O., Clemente A., Correia A.I., Máguas C., Carolino M., Afonso A.C. & Martins-Loução M.A. 2001– Quarry rehabilitation: a case study in Ecosystems and sustainable Development III, eds. Villacampa, Y.Brebbi, C.A. and Usó, J-L.pp331-346.WIT Press, Southampton, Boston.

Ongoing Projects

2012–2015: In-Nitro: conceptualizing the effects of increased nitrogen avalibility in a Mediterranean ecosystem. Project ref. : PTDC/BIA-ECS/122214/2010. Participant.

2011-2013:    "Rhizospheric microbial consortia to increase nutrient use efficiency. A tool to be used in intensive farm systems". PTDC/AGRO-PRO/115888/2009. Participant.

2010-2012: Spheres of ecosystem response to nitrogen: a case study in a Mediterranean-type ecosystem in the southern of Portugal (SERN) Project ref.: PTDC/BIA BEC/099323/2008. Participant.

2009-2012:    "Cultivation of Pineapple in the Azores: Research, Development and Application of Technologies and Practices to Improve Competitiveness and Quality of Production". RAAFDR-01-0482-FEDER-000003. Participant.

2009 to date: Studying the importance of the symbiosome in the increased productivity associated with biological coated fertilizers. FCUL – CUF. Participant


Other Information

2009  to date: Co-ordinator of the undergraduate course in Health Sciences, University of Lisbon.
Coordinator of the First and Second Courses of Diagnosis of Microbiological Water Quality, Science Faculty of the University of Lisbon (FCUL), 2000 and 2001