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Evolutionary Genetics

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Maria do Mar Oom

Main Research Interests

My main research interests are: genetic management and conservation of small domestic populations combining pedigree and molecular data(horse and dog breeds); breeding systems; cytogenetics analysis; coat colour genes; funtional genomics; genetics of reproduction and fertility (domestic/captive animals); Y chromosome markers: Ex-situ conservation.
Extension activities / services to the community (pedigree analysis and genetic identity and paternity testing based on microsatellite analysis).


Academic Qualifications

- 1993 PhD in Biology - Evolution (University of Lisbon

- 1979 5-year college graduation in Biology (University of Lisbon)

Recent Publications

Martins F.M.S., Oom M.M., Rebelo R. & Rosa G.M. 2013. Differential effects of dietary protein on early life‐history and morphological traits in Natterjack Toad (Epidalea calamita) tadpoles reared in captivity. Zoo Biology 32(4):457–462.

Pinheiro M., Kjöllerström H.J. & Oom M.M. 2013. Genetic diversity and demographic structure of the endangered Sorraia horse breed assessed through pedigree analysis. Livestock Science 152(1):1-10.

Kjollerstrom H.J., Collares-Pereira M.J. & Oom M.M. 2011. First evidence of sex chromosome mosaicism in the endangered Sorraia Horse breed. Livestock Science 136(2):273-276.

Warmuth V., Eriksson A., Bower M.A., Canon J., Cothran G., Distl O., Glowatzki-Mullis M.L., Luís C., Oom M.M., Yupanqu, I.T., Zabek T. & Manica A. 2011. European Domestic Horses Originated in Two Holocene Refugia. Plos One 6(3):e18194.

Bastos-Silveira C., Luís C., Ginja C., Gama L. T. & Oom M.M. 2009. Genetic variation in BoLA microsatellite loci in Portuguese cattle breeds. Animal Genetics 40(1):101-105.

Pires A.E., Amorim I.R., Ginja C., Godinho, I., Gomes M., Simões F., Oom M.M., Petrucci-Fonseca F., Matos J. & Bruford M.W. 2009. Molecular structure in peripheral dog breeds: Portuguese native breeds as a case study. Animal Genetics 40(3):323-332.

Luís C., Cothran E.G. & Oom M.M. 2007. Inbreeding and genetic structure in the endangered Sorraia horse breed. Implications for its conservation and management. Journal of Heredity 98:232-237.

Luís C., Juras R., Oom M.M. & Cothran E.G. 2007. Genetic diversity and relationships of Portuguese and other horse breeds based on protein and microsatellite loci variation. Animal Genetics 38(1):1-20.

Seco-Morais J., Oom M.M., Quesada-Sanz F. & Matheson C.D. 2007. Ancient Iberian horses: a method to recover DNA from archaeological samples buried under sub-optimal conditions for preservation. Journal of Archaeological Science 34:1713-1719.

Ongoing Projects

  • Conservation and improvement of genetic resources. Sub-action Animal component (Sorraia breed) (PRODER/Acção 2.2.3).
  • HDI - Horse Domestication in Iberia - What else is there to be known? (PTDC/HIS-ARQ/120183/2010)


Other Information

Member of management board of the Portuguese Society for Animal Genetic Resources (Sociedade Portuguesa de Recursos Genéticos Animais - SPREGA)

Technical Secretary of the Sorraia Horse Studbook.

Founder Member and Vice President of the ‘Associação Internacional de Criadores do Cavalo Ibérico de Tipo Primitivo – Sorraia’.

Research Partner on the Horse Genome Project.

Portuguese advisor for the EEP’s Prezewalskii horse in Portugal (ex-situ conservation).

Technical genetic advisor of different Dog Breeders’ Associations.

Effective Member of the Committee for Ethics and Avaliation of Zoological Parks (Comissão de Ética e Avaliação de Parques Zoológicos).