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Biotic-Abiotic Interactions

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Marta Delgado

Main Research Interests

Current PhD student in Ecology at the University of Lisbon, with a backgroung in Cell Biology and Biotechnology. The main focus is the importance of rhizosphere structure and function in conventional agriculture and the respective impact on crop productivity and quality. Special attention is given to rhizospheric microbial consortia (free living N fixers, phosphate solubilizers and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi). The approach is highly multidisciplinary, including classical techniques as well as molecular biology techniques and enzymatic kinetics. 


Academic Qualifications

- 2008: Master’s degree in Cell Biology and Biotechnology (University of Lisbon)
- 2006: Bachelor's degree in Cell Biology and Biotechnology (University of Lisbon)

Recent Publications

Almeida C.M.R., Mucha A.P., Delgado M., Caçador M.I., Bordalo A.A. & Vasconcelos M.T.S.D. 2008. Can PAHs influence Cu accumulation by salt marsh plants? Marine Environmental Research 66(3):311-866.

Duarte B., Delgado M. & Caçador I. 2007. The role of citric acid in cadmium and nickel uptake and translocation, in Halimione portulacoides. Chemosphere 69:836-840.

Ongoing Projects

  • “Rhizospheric microbial consortia to increase nutrient use efficiency. A tool to be used in intensive farm systems.” (PTDC/AGR-PRO/115888/2009).

  • “In-Nitro: conceptualizing the effects of increased nitrogen avalibility in a Mediterranean ecosystem.” (PTDC/BIA-ECS/122214/2010).


Other Information

- 2005: Prémio Brotero, Jardim Botânico da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa

- Referee Symbiosis

- Membro Graduado da Ordem dos Biólogos, Número 2960.