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Miguel Machado



PhD Student

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Evolutionary Genetics

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Miguel Paulo Machado

Main Research Interests

My main research interest focus on sex determination mechanism, namely how different players in these variable and less conserved mechanisms that is sexual determination/differentiation interact in a hybrid fish of several genomic compositions and sex-gender forms


Academic Qualifications

- 2010 MSc in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology

- 2008 BSc in Biology

Recent Publications

Matos I., Sucéna E., Machado M., Inácio A., Gardner R., Schartl M., Coelho M.M. 2011. Ploidy mosaicism and gene expression in the allopolyploid Squalius alburnoides. BMC Genetics 12(1):101.

Matos I., Machado M.P., Sucena E., Collares-Pereira M.J., Schartl M. & Coelho M.M. 2010. Evidence for Hermaphroditism in the Squalius alburnoides Allopolyploid Fish Complex. Sexual Development 4:170-175.

Inacio A., Matos I., Machado M.P. & Coelho M.M. 2010. An easier method to identify the individual genomic composition of allopolyploid complexes. Journal of Fish Biology 76:1995-2001.

Ongoing Projects

PhD Thesis: “Sex determination and differentiation in cyprinids: the case study of Iberian species and the puzzling sex bias in Squalius alburnoides complex”. PhD supervisor: M. M. Coelho (Lisbon University) and Manfred Schartl (Würzburg University)