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Environmental Stress
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Miguel Porto

Main Research Interests

My main research area is Ecological Modelling of plant data, using a functional approach. More precisely, my main topic of interest is to understand the role of plant functional traits in the internal spatial organization of plant communities, that is, in what way the spatial patterns of individuals are explained by their traits. In the PhD, I will develop an optimization framework which makes use of biological data to derive forest management guidelines which simultaneously maximize biodiversity and minimize the fire risk at landscape scale.


Academic Qualifications

- 2002 - 5-year college graduation in Biology (Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon)

Recent Publications

Martelo J., Grossman G.D., Porto M. & Magalhaes M.F. 2014. Habitat patchiness affects distribution and microhabitat use of endangered Mira chub Squalius torgalensis (Actinopterygii, Cypriniformes). Hydrobiologia 732(1):93-109.

Santana J.,  Porto M., Gordinho L., Reino L. & Beja P. 2012. Long-term responses of Mediterranean birds to forest fuel management. Journal of Applied Ecology 49(3):632-643.

Verdasca M.J., Leitão A.S., Santana J., Porto M., Dias S. & Beja P. 2012. Forest fuel management as a conservation tool for early successional species under agricultural abandonment: The case of Mediterranean butterflies. Biological Conservation 14:14–23.

Porto M., Correia O. & Beja P. 2011. Long-term consequences of mechanical fuel management for the conservation of Mediterranean forest herb communities. Biodiversity and Conservation 20(12):2669–2691.

Santana J., Porto M., Reino L. & Beja P. 2011. Long-term understory recovery after mechanical fuel reduction in Mediterranean cork oak forests. Forest Ecology and Management 261(3):447-459.

Santos J.M., Reino L., Porto M., Oliveira J., Pinheiro P., Almeida P.R., Cortes R., & Ferreira M. 2011. Complex size-dependent habitat associations in potamodromous fish species. Aquatic Sciences - Research Across Boundaries 73(2):233-245.

Reino L., Porto M., Morgado R., Carvalho F., Mira A. & Beja P. 2010. Does afforestation increase bird nest predation risk in surrounding farmland? Forest Ecology and Management 260(8):1359-1366.

Reino L., Porto M., Morgado R., Moreira F., Fabião A., Santana J., Delgado A., Gordinho L., Cal J. & Beja P. 2010. Effects of changed grazing regimes and habitat fragmentation on Mediterranean grassland birds. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 138(1-2):27-34.

Ongoing Projects

  • 2009 PhD thesis: “Forest management optimization for biodiversity using landscape simulation-based optimization algorithms”.


Other Information

President of the Board of Sociedade Portuguesa de Botânica (SPBotânica).