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Environmental Stress and Functional Ecology

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Paula Matos

Main Research Interests

My main research interests are the investigation of plant and cryptogam functional diversity and biodiversity, in response to specific stress factors. Application of functional groups to the development of ecological indicators of desertification and land degradation in Mediterranean and tropical environments. Biodiversity evaluation and bioaccumulation of metals as indicators of environmental quality in metal polluted sites.


Academic Qualifications

- 2008 MsC in Ecology (UC)
- 2001 5-year college graduation in Biology(UC)


Recent Publications

Cristofolini F., Brunialti G., Giordani P., Nascimbene J., Cristofori A., Gottardini E., Frati L., Matos P., Batic F., Caporale S., Fornasier M.F., Marmor L., Merinero S., Zapata J.N., Torra T., Wolseley P., Ferretti M. 2014. Towards the adoption of an international standard for biomonitoring with lichens-Consistency of assessment performed by experts from six European countries. Ecological Indicators 45:63-67.

Llop E., Pinho P., Matos P., Pereira M.J. & Branquinho C. 2012. The se of lichen functional groups as indicators of air quality in a Mediterranean urban environment. Ecological Indicators 13:215-221.

Branquinho C.,Matos P., Vieira A.R. & Prestello-Ramos M.M. 2011. The relative impact of lichen symbiotic partners to repeated copper uptake. Environmental and Experimental Botany 72:84-92.

Matos P., Cardoso-Vilhena J., Figueira R. & Sousa A.J. 2011. Effects of salinity stress on cellular location of elements and photosynthesis in Ramalina canariensis Steiner. The Lichenologist 43(2):155-164.

Reis M.F., Sampaio C., Aguiar P., Matos P., Paepke O. & Miguel J.P. 2005. Dioxin contamination status in people living near a Portuguese Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) incinerator. Organohalogen Compounds 67:1552-1555. 

Mann R.M., Matos P., Loureiro S. & Soares A.M.V.M., 2005. Foundation studies for cadmium accumulation studies in terrestrial isopods-diet selection and diet contamination. European Journal of Soil Biology 4:153-161.

Ongoing Projects

  • Biodiversidade de líquenes e plantas vasculares nas imediações das minas de Neves Corvo (financiado pela Sociedade Mineira de Neves Corvo – Somincor).

  • Modeling ecosystem structure and functional diversity as early- warning indicators of desertification and land - degradation - from regional to local level (PTDC/AAC-CLI/104913/2008)