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Animal Diversity & Conservation

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Ricardo Correia

Main Research Interests

Ecology and Conservation Biology of Birds.
Management and biodiversity conservation in Iberian agri-ecosystems.
Ecological implications of climate change on ecosystems and populations.


Academic Qualifications

- 2008 MSc in Conservation Biology (University of Lisbon)
- 2007 4-year college graduation in Environmental Biology (University of Lisbon)


Recent Publications

Silva J.P., Palmeirim J.M., Alcazar R., Correia R., Delgado A. & Moreira F. 2014. A spatially explicit approach to assess the collision risk between birds and overhead power lines: a case study with the little bustard. Biological Conservation 170:256-263.

Leal A.I., Correia R.A., Palmeirim J.M & Granadeiro J.P. 2013. Does canopy pruning affect foliage-gleaning birds in cork oak woodlands? Agroforestry Systems 87(2):355-363.

Leal A.I., Correia R.A., Granadeiro J.P. & Palmeirim J.M. 2011. Impact of cork extraction on birds: relevance for conservation of Mediterranean biodiversity. Biological Conservation 144:1655-1662.

Ongoing Projects

Climate change effects on land use and bird communities of Iberian Peninsula extensive agricultural systems: a conservation approach