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Ricardo Duarte da Cruz de Carvalho

Main Research Interests

My current research focus is plant ecophysiology, mainly the study of photosynthetic metabolism under stress conditions, using non-invasive techniques (IRGA, oxygen electrode, chlorophyll fluorometry). Also interested in oxidative stress.


Academic Qualifications

- 2006 MSc in Plant Stress Biology (University of Minho)
- 2003 5-year college graduation in Plant Biology (University of Lisbon)


Recent Publications

Cruz de Carvalho R., Silva A.B., Soares R., Almeida A.M., Coelho A.V., Marques da Silva J. & Branquinho C. 2014. Differential proteomics of dehydration and rehydration in bryophytes: evidence towards a common desiccation tolerance mechanism. Plant Cell & Environment 37(7):1499-1515.

Cruz de Carvalho R.D., Branquinho C. & Marques da Silva J. 2011. Physiological consequences of desiccation in the aquatic bryophyte Fontinalis antipyretica. Planta, doi 10.1007/S00425-011-1388-X.

Cruz de Carvalho R.D., Cunha A. & Marques da Silva J. 2011. Portuguese maize cultivars: different responses to water stress and recovery. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 33:359–374.

Cruz de Carvalho R.D., Branquinho C. & Marques da Silva J. 2008. Oxygen evolution and chlorophyll fluorescence under extreme dehydration in the aquatic bryophyte Fontinalis antipyretica. In: Photosynthesis. Energy from the Sun. 14th International Congress on Photosynthesis – Chapter 7. Allen JF, Gantt E, Golbeck JH, Osmond B (Eds.). Springer, pp 1425-1430.


Ongoing Projects

  • 2007 PhD thesis: “Copping with extreme dehydration: a physiological, biochemical and molecular study on Fontinalis antipyretica”.