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Sólveig Thorsteinsdóttir

Main Research Interests

My main research interests are within Developmental Biology, where we focus on addressing the role of cell-extracellular matrix interactions in regulating somitogenesis and early myogenesis in the chick and mouse embryo.


Academic Qualifications

- 2008 – “Agregação” – University of Lisbon, Portugal
- 1995 - PhD in Developmental Biology - University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
- 1985 - Bachelor of Science in Biology (emphasis on Cellular Biology) - University of Kansas, USA


Recent Publications

Azevedo A.R., Pinho M.J., Silva J., Sá R., Thorsteinsdóttir S., Barros A. & Sousa M. (2014) Molecular cytogenetics of human single pronucleated zygotes. Reproductive Sciences, Apr 9. [Epub ahead of print].

Marques L. & Thorsteinsdóttir S. 2013. Dynamics of Akt activation during mouse embryo development: distinct subcellular patterns distinguish proliferating versus differentiating cells. Differentiation 86:48-56.

Rutkowski A., Bonnemann C., Brown S., Thorsteinsdóttir S., Dominov J., Ruegg M.A., Matter M.L., Guttridge D., Crosbie-Watson R.H., Kardon G., Nagaraju K. & Burkin D.J. 2013. Meeting report: Report on the Myomatrix Conference April 22-24, 2012, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, USA. Neuromuscular Disorders 23:188-191.

Deries M., Gonçalves A.B., Vaz R., Martins G.G., Rodrigues G. & Thorsteinsdóttir S. 2012. Extracellular matrix remodelling accompanies axial muscle development and morphogenesis in the mouse. Developmental Dynamics 241:350–364.

Rifes P. & Thorsteinsdóttir S. 2012. Extracellular matrix assembly and 3D organization during paraxial mesoderm development in the chick embryo. Developmental Biology 368:370–381.

Vaz R., Martins G.G., Thorsteinsdóttir S. & Rodrigues G. 2012. Fibronectin promotes migration, alignment and fusion in an in vitro myoblast cell model. Cell and Tissue Research 348:569-578.

Thorsteinsdóttir S., Deries M., Cachaço A.S. & Bajanca F. 2011. The extracellular matrix dimension of skeletal muscle development. Developmental Biology 354(2):191–207.

Sato T., Rocancourt D., Marques L., Thorsteinsdóttir S. & Buckingham M. 2010. A Pax3/Dmrt2/Myf5 regulatory cascade functions at the onset myogenesis. Plos Genetics 6(4):e1000897.

Anderson C., Thorsteinsdóttir S. & Borychi A-G. 2009. Sonic hedgehog-dependent synthesis of laminin α1 controls basement membrane assembly in the myotome. Development 136:3495-3504.

Fournier-Thibault C., Blavet C., Jarov A., Bajanca F., Thorsteinsdóttir S. & Duband J.-L. 2009. Sonic hedgehog regulates integrin activity, cadherin contacts and cell polarity to orchestrate neural tube morphogenesis. Journal of Neuroscience 29(40):12506-12520.

Martins G.G., Rifes P., Amândio R., Rodrigues G., Palmeirim I. & Thorsteinsdóttir S. 2009. Dynamic 3D cell rearrangements guided by a fibronectin matrix underlie somitogenesis. Plos One 4(10):e7429.

Pala I., Schartl M., Thorsteinsdóttir S. & Coelho M.M. 2009. Sex determination in the Squalius alburnoides complex: an initial characterization of sex cascade elements in the context of a hybrid polyploid genome. Plos One 4(7):e6401.

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Pala I., Klüver N., Thorsteinsdóttir S., Schartl M. & Coelho M.M. 2008. Expression pattern of anti-Müllerian hormone (amh) in the hybrid fish complex of Squalius alburnoides. Gene 410:249-258.

Palmeirim J.M., Champion A., Naikatini A., Niukula J., Tuiwawa M., Fisher M., Yabaki-Gounder M., Thorsteinsdóttir S., Qalovaki S. & Dunn T. 2007. Distribution, status, and conservation of bats in the Fiji Islands. Oryx 41:1-11.

Pascoal S., Carvalho C., Rodriguez-León J., Delphini M.C., Duprez D., Thorsteinsdóttir S. & Palmeirim I. 2007. A molecular clock operates during chick autopod proximal-distal outgrowth. Journal of Molecular Biology 368:303-309.

Rifes P., Carvalho L., Lopes C. Andrade R., Rodrigues G., Palmeirim I. & Thorsteinsdóttir S. 2007. Redefining the role of ectoderm in somitogenesis: a player in the formation of the fibronectin matrix of presomitic mesoderm. Development 134:3155-3165.


Ongoing Projects

  • 2012/14 The laminin matrices of early skeletal muscle development: a changing tissue microenvironment regulating myogenic differentiation and morphogenesis (PTDC/SAU-BID/120130/2010). Principal Investigator.

  • 2012/14 MatriCard - Dissection and Reconstruction of the Extracellular Matrix: A Cardiac Regenerative Niche (PTDC/SAU-ORG/118297/2010). Participant.

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