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Evolutionary Genetics

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Tiago Filipe Jesus

Main Research Interests

My main research interests focus on the interaction between the environment and genes, namely in genes involved in stress responses in non-model species. Particularly, I am interested in understand the mechanisms by which freshwater fish deal with high temperatures and hypoxia, which ultimately will help predicting the consequences of climate change for these animals.


Academic Qualifications

2010 M.Sc in Conservation Biology
2008 B.Sc in Biology

Recent Publications

Jesus T.F., Inácio A. & Coelho M.M. 2013. Different levels of hsp70 and hsc70 mRNA expression in Iberian fish exposed to distinct river conditions. Genetics and Molecular Biology 36:61-69.

Ongoing Projects

  • PhD Thesis: “Adaptation of freshwater fish to oxygen and temperature stress – a molecular study in two environmental contexts”; PhD.Supervisor: M. M. Coelho (Lisbon University) and Vera Val (National Institute of Amazonian Research)