Group description/Main objectives

The group studies both the mechanisms underlying behavioural decisions and the implications of behaviour at the levels of the organism, population and ecosystem. Emphasis is given to the:

  • Characterization of acoustic repertoires: signals and variability (dialects?).
  • Ontogeny of sound production and of hearing.
  • Role of acoustic signals in species recognition, male-male assessment (e.g. territorial defence) and mate choice.
  • Role of the acoustic signals within the multimodal communication system in model fish.
  • Influence of the social environment. Choruses and vocal activity rhythms.
  • Sound production mechanisms.
  • Characterization of hearing at peripheral and central levels. How well is the
       hearing pathway adapted to perceive the communication sounds ?
  • Impact of environmental constraints to acoustic communication.
  • Acoustic signals and biogeography.

Head of group (2013): Paulo Fonseca

Paulo Fonseca
Paulo Fonseca
Communication and evolution in insects and fish
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